Newly introduced: 3D Optical Profilometer VR-6200

〈Equipment Details〉
Equipment name: 3D Optical Profilometer VR-6200

3D Optical Profilometer VR-6200

・Corresponds to surface roughness (Sa, Sz, etc.) compliant with ISO25178.
・Captures full surface data with a resolution of 0.1 µm in just 1 second.
・Measures shape, waviness, and surface roughness by a single unit.
・HDR scanning algorithm provides scanning capabilities for the measurements of materials that could not be measured before.
・The automatic rotational scanning enables measurement of cylindrical and thin-walled parts.

Quality Assurance

In our Measurement Service, we receive the items, and our inspection engineers inspect the designated areas.
We have many state-of-the-art digital measurement systems such as 3D Scanner CMM and Image Dimension Measurement System, it’s our pleasure to handle the inspections of machined parts, prototypes, and developed products.
If there is a request, we can also prepare the inspection reports, or analyze the composition of steel grades.
If you have any questions or requests for our services, please feel free to contact us.