Partner CompaniesAt agency assist, we are always looking for new suppliers to partner with.

We believe that on the other side of a product lies the “customer.”

Conventional ordering and supply methods require exchanges with each individual company involved, making the processes overblown and convoluted. By consolidating the process into one place, we reduce the burden on the client and allow new encounters with the technical capabilities of our suppliers. In the future, we will continue to stay close to both our clients and suppliers.

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You don’t need to start new ventures to increase sales routes!

agency assist

Expand your manufacturing network!

There are other benefits such as these.

The benefits of partnering with agency assist

ADVANTAGE.01Ability to Focus on Manufacturing

Cooperating with the manufacturing of requests received by our company leads to an increase in the number of Partner Company projects received. Furthermore, whether it be lathes or special aluminum, as we concentrate manufacturing around your company’s specialty, we can meet all your needs.

ADVANTAGE.02Expand Sales Areas and Routes

With our company’s business model, your company’s possible sales area is limitless.With agency assist’s growing networks throughout Asia, the United States and Europe, we can help connect you with the entire world.

ADVANTAGE.03Make use of Technology in Other Fields

Our clients include approx. 2,400 companies (as of 2022).This includes not only industrial machine manufacturers but also electronics manufacturers and even industry/academia collaborations.Through cooperating with requests from various clients, your company can expand its business opportunities.

ADVANTAGE.04Equalize Number of Orders

When dealing with major manufacturers, there are many times when you are directly affected by a dip in the industry. Through partnering with our company, which has connections in various industries at various levels, your company will be able to equalize its sales numbers.

We are seeking suppliers in the following fields:

Machinery Parts and Procurement

Won’t you lend us your company’s technical manufacturing skills and help us expand your business opportunities?