Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Company has established the following privacy policy and has built a system for the protection of said personal information. We are able to promote the protection of personal information through having all employees be thorough in their initiatives for and awareness of the importance of personal information security.

Management of personal information
We implement safety measures and strictly manage personal information. The necessary measures we take in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of the personal information we store, include maintaining both security and management systems and ensuring thorough education of employees. Furthermore, we carry out the pertinent management of personal information in the same fashion as company information.
Purpose of personal information use
Although personal information such as your name, e-mail address, and phone number may be registered to the website when making inquiries, such personal information will not be used for any purpose outside of when it is provided. We will use the personal information received for replying to inquiries, business information and contact with our company in the form of e-mails and the sending of documents.
Prohibition on disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties
At agency assist we carry out the appropriate management of the personal information of clients and with the exception of the following cases, do not disclose personal information to third parties.
・When there is client consent.
・When operations have been outsourced in order to meet the client’s needs.
・When we are legally required to disclose such information.
Personal information safety measures
We take all possible security measures to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information. In complying with and reviewing laws and regulations, together with our company complying with Japanese laws and regulations applied to the personal information in our possession, we work to review and improve the content of our related policies.


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