Parts ProcurementWhat’s need, when needed, where needed

We offer low-volume multiple-model procurements — starting from just singular parts — on a range of machinery parts. We utilize a variety of production equipment and machinery in order to meet your demands in the procurement of precision machinery parts. By procuring both domestically and internationally, we are able to realize a procurement system that is safe and secure.

Available Systems

  • Low-volume orders available on a range of products starting from singular parts

    At agency assist we happily comply with requests for small-scale projects, including those in the development and research fields, and prototypes.
    We also offer compiled orders of milling cutters, lathes, sheet metals, resin processors, and a wide range of other machinery.
    Even when machinery plans differ, we and our over 1,110 partner companies in Asia and Japan will work it out.

  • All your purchases in one place

    In addition to processing, we are your one-stop shop for everything from arranging materials to quenching, polishing and surface treatments. By being your sole point of contact, agency assist eliminates your need to manage processes and allows you to sit back and just wait for the finished product to arrive.

  • In-house quality assurance

    In our quality control space, our lab technicians utilize a large number of digital measuring tools, including CNC coordinate measuring machines and automated optical comparators, to carry out extensive inspections. We have a robust quality assurance system and offer only tested and reliable products.

Processing Technologies


We arrange specified materials ourselves.
As we carry out each process with the materials available to us, please first inform us of your plans and desires via the form below and let us discuss it.