ISO14001We have established and documented an environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001, and actively promote sustainable activities for environmental preservation.

Product Quality – Our Policy

Basic Principles
Across all fields, agency assist inc. carries out the sales of industrial machinery, equipment, and their parts, and the efficient procurement of products that are to be sold alongside them.
Throughout such endeavors, we work to cherish the “resources and energy” used and promote environmentally conscious business practices. Furthermore, we have also constructed an “environmental management system” based on the following action plans and actively promote activities for environmental preservation and sustainability.
Action Plans
  1. Based on our management principles, we will construct, document and systematically carry out practices in line with our “Environmental Management System,” which conforms to ISO 14001. Moving forward, we will periodically review and promote the continuous improvement of said system.
  2. Through our business practices, we will work to promote the conservation of energy and resources used by our clients, our partner companies and ourselves. Furthermore, we will strive to reduce waste and environmental impact, as well as prevent pollution.
  3. We will set environmental goals, and continuously review and regularly improve them.
  4. We will ensure compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements to which we have agreed.
  5. We will document this environmental policy and display it internally and externally.
Quality Goals
“Zero” Complaints

Main Endeavors

We actively promote activities for the preservation of a sustainable environmental.
Our main endeavors include the “conservation of energy and resources” and the “prevention of environmental pollution”.

We plan to regularly review and continuously improve our environmental goals.