Security Policy

Information Security Policy

In order to provide satisfactory services, we have set and follow an information security policy at our company that garners the trust of our clients and protects their information, which has become an asset in this information society, from accidents, disasters, crimes, and other such threats.

1. Maintenance of internal systems and security policies
At agency assist, we maintain the necessary management systems needed to improve and preserve security and have made the necessary information security measures formal rules within the company.
2. Responsibility and continuous improvement in leadership
We ensure that by complying with these policies, our managers are appropriate in their management of the information assets of the company and our clients.
3. Observation of legal and contractual requirements
Our employees comply with the laws, regulations, and standards, as well as security requirements of contracts with clients, in relation to the use of information assets in business practices.
4. Employee Initiatives
We ensure our employees are taking initiatives regarding information security and that they acquire the knowledge and technology required to maintain and improve information security.
5. Incident and violation responses
At agency assist we maintain systems that enable us to respond to any contract violations or accidents relating to the laws, regulations, and standards that involve information security. Furthermore, we work to mitigate the effects of such violations or accidents.

October 1th, 2022
agency assist inc.
Representative Director and President: Masui Yusuke