Quality AssuranceLeave the inspections to us

These services are an added value that our company can provide because of the high level of quality control we have pursued through our parts procurement business. The burden of inspections increases day by day as the demand for precision in quality control increases.
As Agency Assist carries out the inspection of parts for you and sends out only inspected products, there is no need for you or your company to spend your time on any inspections.

Measuring Instrument Line-up

  • CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines

    CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines

    Crysta-Apex S7106
    Measurements possible up to x700 y1000 z600 ㎜
    The model Crysta-Plus M574 is also available.

  • 3D Scanner CMM

    3D Scanner CMM
    〈Coordinate Measuring Machine〉(Keyence)

    Complete 3D scanning available.
    Measurement possibilities include geometric tolerance, imaginary lines, surface.

  • 3D Optical Profilometer

    3D Optical Profilometer

    Measurements possible up to x300 y150 z167 ㎜
    Surface roughness measurement: Corresponds to surface roughness (Sa, Sz, etc.) compliant with ISO25178.

  • Instant Measurement

    Instant Measurement

    Measurements possible up to x225 y125 z75 ㎜
    Simultaneous measurement of height and depth possible.
    The model LM-1100 and IM-7030 is also available.

  • Roundtest


    Max. probing diameter of ø300㎜.

  • Surftest


    The minimum Z-axis angular resolution is 0.0001 μm ( Measuring range 8μm).

  • Surftest

    Metal Analyzer

    This metal Analyzers performs quantitative analysis
    of the elements contained in steel materials
    and inspects material identification.

  • Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

    Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

    Max. specimen dimensions y165㎜ z180㎜.

  • Concentricity Gages

    Concentricity Gage
    Universal Punch Company

  • TESA

    Digital height gauge 700
    (TESA HITE 700)

  • TESA

    Digital height gauge 400
    (TESA HITE 400)

  • TESA

    Pin Gauge

  • Gauge

    Plug Gauge/Thread Gaugee

  • Gauge Blocks

    Gauge Blocks

  • Micrometer

    Digital 3-Point Micrometer

  • Quantu Mike

    “Quantu Mike”

Product Assurance Initiatives

  • We believe that, as an added value to our company, it is essential for our customers to feeling assure in the guaranteed quality of their products.
  • Our in-house “Quality Assurance Department” carries oversees inspections, from arrival to delivery, in our cohesive management system.
  • Our dedicated engineers carry out quality assurance inspections with established business know-how and the latest technology.
  • Going forward, we will continue to improve inspection equipment and technology in order to achieve the level of “Assurance” that is sought by our customers.

Product Quality – Our Policy

  • We develop the activities of our business around the primary objective of “improving customer satisfaction.”
  • We have established a quality assurance system with the everlasting goal of becoming a “0” defect company.
  • We develop our “Quality is built through process” activities through our strong relationships with partner companies.
  • We bolster the maintenance of facilities while looking toward the construction of our product quality management systems.