Announcing our newly added inspection measuring machine


We are pleased to announce and introduce you our newly installed image dimension measurement machine IM-8000 (Keyence). Full-scale operation began on July 17 (Mon.).


Conducting the following measurements will now be possible!
1. High-precision dimension measurement, geometrical tolerance measurement 2. Shortening of time by simultaneous measurement of multiple objects
3. Soft machined parts, such as O-ring 4. Measurement of non-uniform shapes, such as printed characters
5. Cylindrical shape measurement by 360 degree rotation unit, etc.


With the installation of image dimensional measuring machine, we will be able to shorten the measurement time for machined parts arranged locally in Vietnam, and improve the stability and the range of response of measurement.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for parts suppliers in Vietnam for your supply chain relocation or production base relocation.