Became a sponsor of “PLANET-Q”, an official space development experience club authorized by Kyushu University.

We are pleased to announce that we have become a sponsor of PLANET-Q, a space development club authorized by Kyushu University.
PLANET-Q is an official club of Kyushu University, which is mainly composed of students with the philosophy of “space development after school”.
Agency Assist& PLANET-Q
[Background of the Sponsorship]
Agency Assist Inc. have been widely supporting the manufacturing industry, including parts procurement,
to support the passion for manufacturing of the young generation, we decided to sign the sponsorship agreement.
[About PLANET-Q]
PLANET-Q develops and builds hybrid rockets, space balloons, CanSat (a small can-sized artificial satellite), and model rockets.
They conduct launch experiments with the long-term goal of achieving an altitude of 10 km twice a year.
hybridrocket      hybridrocket

For more information about PLANET-Q, please click here.